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We build serious tools to help organizations turn data into information, and information into results.

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Leverage Data for more Effective Aid

Humanitarian Relief and Development Assistance

Designed with UNICEF to work at a country, cluster, program, or project level, ActivityInfo allows managers to centralize data collection, track key performance indicators, and provides a single, unified view for all stakeholders. ActivityInfo provides simple data entry, beautiful maps, summary tables, and standardized reports, to let you coordinate, manage and improve operations.


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R for the JVM

Tools for Data Analysts

Renjin is a new interpreter for the R Language for Statistical Computing, built on top of the JVM. It seeks to provide better integration with modern web applications and greater capacity for working with large datasets.



We have hard-won expertise in putting data to work in the most challenging environments. We can support your team in a number of areas:

R language ○ Hadoop ○ Humanitarian Information Systems ○ Predictive analyics.


We provide regular courses in the Netherlands that cover the use of the R programming language. See our event organizer page at Eventbrite to find out about upcoming courses or contact us to learn about our unique in-house training options.

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