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BeDataDriven B.V. — Providing Products and Services in Analytics

Our company

We are BeDataDriven B.V., a limited-liability company based in the city of The Hague in the Netherlands. Our offices are located in the historic and industrial BINK36 building.

BeDataDriven offices in BINK36

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Our philosophy

It is our goal to deliver the highest quality service and truly valuable products to our customers. To achieve this goal, we invest significant time and resources to expand our knowledge and broaden our experience with new technologies and methodologies. We use a rigorous and structured approach in testing the products we deliver to our clients and users.

We do not believe in selling stuff to our clients which they do not need so you'll never catch us pushing the Next Big Thing™ in ‘big data’ technology. In fact, you will not find the words ‘big’ and ‘data’ together anywhere else on our website. Working with data is simply what we do, whether there's a lot of it or not.

We are fortunate to work with clients of many sizes and in a diverse selection of industries. Some of our competitors feel the need to splatter their clients' logo on their website. We don't. If you'd like to learn about our client work, get in touch.