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Published on November 01, 2014

Today we are very excited to announce our cooperation with Hannes Mühleisen from the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI). The institute is located in Amsterdam and is the birth place of the Python programming language and the MonetDB column-store database.

Together with the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) BeDataDriven is funding a 12-month research project of Hannes with the goal of creating a highly optimized interface between MonetDB and Renjin, the R interpreter that runs in the Java Virtual Machine. In essence, the project explores the idea of R as a query language where the interpreter plans the execution of the code much like the query engine of a database. In this way, the interpreter can decide what parts of the computation can be done in memory and what parts need to be shipped to the database.

The combination of Renjin's ability to analyze the execution graph and it's abstraction of data storage provides the unique opportunity for this ground-breaking research.

All output of the project, which runs until December 2015, will be released under an open-source license.