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What is ActivityInfo?

ActivityInfo is an open source project with the goal to build an easy-to-use web application for information management in humanitarian aid and development. It provides functionality to design data structures, to collect data collaboratively, and to visualize and report on a project's needs and progress.

BeDataDriven is the project's principal developer and provides a hosted version of the application at At the end of 2016 the service had 14000 registered users. It has been the primary information management system for the Syrian refugee response for the past years, but is also actively used in a large number of African countries to manage the response to recent and long-running humanitarian crises.

Key features and benefits

  • ActivityInfo's centralized database eliminates the laborious aggregation of data collected on paper or with spreadsheets. It also includes an up-to-date database of national administrative boundaries for most countries in the world. This ensures that everyone uses the same geographic information, makes it easy to map your data, and reduces the reliance on the availability of GIS experts.
  • Users on a paid plan enjoy the benefit of an Service Level Agreement (SLA) which includes a 99.5% availability objective and access to a technical support help desk.
  • The service is hosted on Google's highly scalable Appengine service which provides a reliable and secure platform, a key requirement for our users.

Intended audience

ActivityInfo is primarily used by actors in humanitarian aid and international development such as NGO's, governments, and supra-national organizations such as the United Nations.


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Claudine Blokiau

Claudine Blokiau
Sales and Account Manager ActivityInfo

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Latest ActivityInfo news

Visit the ActivityInfo blog to read about what is new and to learn how to use the service.

  • Three day training on ActivityInfo in The Hague

    2019-05-16 — We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a three-day Training on ActivityInfo in The Hague, Netherlands. The Training will take place from 24th to 26th June 2019. It will be in the English language and will cover all the aspects related to using the software for data collection, database and form design, data analysis and reporting.

  • Information Management at its best: UNOCHA in Iraq leverages the ActivityInfo API to synthesize the Iraq 2019 Humanitarian Response Dashboard using data collected by all the Clusters.

    2019-05-07 — Following the remarkable 2018 Iraq HRP Monitoring Dashboard, UNOCHA in Iraq released the "2019 Humanitarian Response Dashboard" which presents a comprehensive overview of the Humanitarian Response in the country. The Dashboard presents the Humanitarian Response regarding IDPs, returnees and affected host communities, under the HRP or other Non-HRP related activities in more than 800 locations, as well as the humanitarian presence of 111 partners.

  • Introducing ActivityInfo Version 4.0

    2019-04-05 — Following some months of hard work and fruitful discussions with many users, we are very excited to announce that the first part of Activityinfo Version 4.0 has been officially released. This includes the Table View, a new Data Entry Importer and the first part of the Reports Interface which includes Pivot Tables and Chart Reports. Also a Search Bar allows you to find Folders, Databases and Forms quickly and easily.