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Renjin is a modern interpreter for the R programming language. Designed and developed by BeDataDriven for better performance, greater productivity and easier integration in enterprise systems. BeDataDriven provides a range of services to help you get the most out of Renjin.

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What is Renjin?

We love R, the programming language and environment which has become a favorite with statisticians and data scientists around the world. But back in 2010 we were frustrated with how difficult it was to run the R interpreter in a web application and we felt that we often had to spend too much valuable project time working around performance bottlenecks and memory shortages.

So we set out to develop an interpreter for the R programming language which can handle a lot of data and which can be integrated in a production environment and scale to handle a large number of requests.

Renjin is an interpreter for the R programming language targeting the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which means that the core of Renjin is written in Java.

Unlike GNU R, Renjin is multithreaded and will run happily in a Platform-as-a-Service environment such as Google Appengine, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku or Microsoft Azure.

Key features and benefits of Renjin

Since Renjin is a Java application it integrates seamlessly with existing production environments: no need to rewrite your analysts' R programs to Java in order to run your models in production.

You also benefit from the rich tooling provided by the Java ecosystem such as binary repository managers (e.g. JFrog Artifactory or Sonatype Nexus) for best-in-class component lifecycle management.

Through our public repository we provide pre-built versions of all CRAN and Bioconductor extension packages in Renjin so you have access to the wealth of software which makes R so attractive.

Intended audience

Although Renjin can be used from the command line by data scientists, the Renjin library is primarily intended to be used by Java (web) application developers. It is therefore that the interpreter appeals mostly to enterprise users of the R programming language.



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Alexander Bertram
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Latest Renjin news

We regularly post blog articles with news, tutorials and technical details for Renjin. Follow the links to read the latest articles.

  • OLAP Server icCube 6.5 Released with updated Renjin integration

    2017-08-29 — The OLAP Server and Interactive Analytics solution icCube uses Renjin to provide access to R functions and packages from within their MDX query language.

  • Renjin Docker image available on Docker Hub via o2r

    2017-08-28 — The o2r project has made an Dockerfile for Renjin available on DockerHub

  • R for Processing

    2017-08-10 — The Processing.R project uses Renjin to enables users to write Processing sketches using the R language.