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SOUND is an international research project funded by the European Commission within its H2020 Research and Innovation programme “Personalising Health and Care”. Within this project, BeDataDriven is preparing Renjin to efficiently handle the enormous amounts of genetic sequence data.

Group photo of participants in the SOUND project

Powerful analytics for personalized medical treatments

Recent technological advancements have reduced the costs and time required for quantification of a patient's complete biological and medical state. These technologies produce large datasets commonly referred to as personal multi-omics datasets (which include a combination of genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, epigenomic and other -omics data). The aim of the Horizon2020 SOUND project is to develop robust and open software infrastructure and statistical algorithms that will empower the clinical-scientists with knowledge extracted from personal multi-omic data for personalized medicine.

BeDataDriven is the only small and medium-sized enterprise in the SOUND project consortium and it is our job to bring the well-established R/Bioconductor infrastructure for research to highly demanding clinical settings. Renjin, our interpreter for the R programming language, has been chosen as the engine to effectively handle the large volumes of multi-omics data.



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Alexander Bertram

Alexander Bertram
Technical Director

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