BeDataDriven B.V.

BeDataDriven B.V. — Providing Products and Services in Analytics

Our services include consulting, training, and software development focused on data analysis and management. Our services are mostly related to our own products or to the technologies with which we have experience.

The following is a selection of some of the common services which we provide to our clients.

  • Bioinformatics

    Producing useful conclusions from biological data requires understanding the biology as well as the analysis. We leverage our experience with the R language to help you design and or improve your bioinformatic analyses and extract relevant, actionable knowledge.

  • R and Shiny development

    More and more companies want to switch all or parts of their business models to R. We have years of experience working with corporate clients to develop advanced software using R.

  • R training

    The R language is a popular, but difficult to master, programming language. Improve your company's R skills using our tailored trainings and courses.

  • Renjin development

    BeDataDriven provides technical support so you can get the best out of Renjin. Services include: tuning the performance of the interpreter for your use case, custom development of solutions or integrations built using Renjin, deployment of Renjin in the cloud, and more.