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More and more companies want to switch all or parts of their business models to R. We have years of experience working with corporate clients to develop advanced software using R.


We see a lot of companies using R and the Shiny framework to build applications which are served to users within the organization. These R scripts and applications are often created by analysts who are then suddenly faced with the task to maintain and support a production application for a large number of users. The challenge then shifts from designing a tool to creating and maintaining a reliable service for colleagues.

Your team may lack the skills to build production-grade applications in R or you may simply lack sufficient manpower to complete software development projects on time. Whatever challenge you may be facing, ask us to see how we can help your team get the most out of the R programming language.

Types of development

Our services include the development, from scratch, of large-scale applications written in the R programming language to the refactoring a Shiny applications to improve performance and stability.

We can also design and maintain your company's development platform for R. This includes

  • defining the hardware requirements,
  • installing and configuring RStudio products,
  • installing and configuring software development tools (e.g. Gitlab and Jenkins),
  • installing and configuring (multiple versions of) the R interpreter itself with required packages,
  • and more.

R code running too slow or out of memory? We can help you profile your R code and make improvements where possible to achieve significant speed-ups. You may even be interested in our in-house R interpreter, Renjin, to integrate R into your Java-based applications.

Why BeDataDriven?

We literally have over a decade experience with the R programming language and software development in general. Our goal is to build quality software which is easy to maintain for our customers. This means that we follow best practices for software development and pay a lot of attention to documentation and unit tests.

Our experience with R and our focus on delivering quality software means that we have built several long-running relationships with our clients.


Want to learn more about R and Shiny development? Contact us today!

Maarten-Jan Kallen, Ph.D.

Maarten-Jan Kallen, Ph.D.
Managing Director

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