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The R language is a popular, but difficult to master, programming language. Improve your company's R skills using our tailored trainings and courses.


R is a great environment and programming language for data analysis and reporting, but it is also notoriously hard for newcomers to learn. Our experience working with clients in many different sectors has taught us that it really pays to invest in growing your team's R programming skills.

Trainings also include the use of popular tools such as the RStudio editor and Shiny, the framework for creating interactive web sites using the R language, or advanced topics such as creating packages, code version management, unit testing, etcetera.

Types of trainings

In the past, we have done open-registration courses as well as bespoke in-company trainings for companies across Europe. The duration of these trainings range from one to four days and group sizes are generally around ten to twelve people.

Why BeDataDriven?

Our team literally has decades of experience with the R programming language. Through our client projects, we know exactly which parts of the language are difficult to grasp and how these can best be explained.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive library of high-quality teaching materials and presentations. These materials can be tailored for your company's particular training needs to ensure that you and your team get the most out of the training.


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Maarten-Jan Kallen, Ph.D.
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