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BeDataDriven provides technical support so you can get the best out of Renjin. Services include: tuning the performance of the interpreter for your use case, custom development of solutions or integrations built using Renjin, deployment of Renjin in the cloud, and more.


Renjin is an alternative interpreter for the R programming language, designed to be fast, efficient, and scalable in high-performance computing environments. It is written in Java and therefore integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems. If you have implemented your model in R and want to run it in a production environment or integrate it in a Java application, then you should consider using Renjin.

To help you get the most out of Renjin, BeDataDriven offers a number of consulting services related to software development with Renjin.

Types of development services

Here are some examples of the services we provide to our clients:

  • performance tuning of the interpreter for a specific model
  • integration of the interpreter into popular cloud-based computing platforms such as Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure as well as in commercial computing platforms based on Hadoop (e.g. Cloudera and Hortonworks) and Spark (e.g. H2O and Databricks)
  • package development: expose advanced functionality provided by Java libraries to analysts and R developers
  • provision of private and managed package repositories for enterprises
  • quality assurance: certification of R code and packages for Renjin based on extensive unit testing

Why BeDataDriven?

As the developers of Renjin, we know every little corner and detail of the code base. We have experience with integrating Renjin into a variety of (web) applications and systems for our clients. As a service to our users, we host a public repository with pre-built CRAN and Bioconductor packages. At the heart of this repository is an extensive cloud-based system which continuously builds and tests Renjin and all 10,000+ packages from these repositories.


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Alexander Bertram

Alexander Bertram
Technical Director

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