BeDataDriven B.V.

BeDataDriven B.V. — Providing Products and Services in Analytics

To provide the services which we do or to develop the products which we offer, we use an extensive range of technologies such as programming languages and application development platforms. Althought we focus on data analysis and management, technology is the key enabler to advance the kind of analyses that can be done using large quantities of data. We therefore invest heavily in keeping up with the latest technological developments and we don't shy away from using state-of-the-art tools to achieve the goals envisioned by our clients.

The following are some of the core technologies which we use and for which we can provide a range of services.

  • Google Cloud Platform – Platform for cloud computing and web applications

    At BeDataDriven we use Google's cloud services in client projects, to provide our own services and to support our development work.

  • Java – The versatile programming language for the enterprise

    The Java programming language is a general-purpose programming language traditionally used for enterprise-class software development, but nowadays it's also powering web applications and data-analysis pipelines.

  • R – The programming language for working with data

    At BeDataDriven we are great fans of the R programming language and we consider ourselves to be the biggest experts on the topic in the Netherlands.