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At BeDataDriven we use Google's cloud services in client projects, to provide our own services and to support our development work.


The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of hosted and managed services which are used to create web services and applications in the cloud. These services range from typical Infrastructure-as-a-Service ("Compute Engine") and Platform-as-a-Service ("App Engine") offerings to specialized services for dealing with a lot of data ("BigQuery" and "Cloud Dataflow") and machine learning services.

Key features and benefits

Using GCP has many benefits, but we especially like the

  • secure and highly scalable hosting of data-driven applications,
  • flexible deployment and cost-effective pricing,
  • mature development environments for Java, Python and other programming languages,
  • managed hosting of Hadoop and Spark clusters.

Google Cloud Platform at BeDataDriven

For ActivityInfo we use many of the GCP services such as App Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and Cloud Datastore. We also use Compute Engine to run our continuous integration infrastructure. All of these services have enabled us to reliably provide our own service to over 14000 users worldwide.

We have also used App Engine to build custom apps backed by Renjin, our home-grown interpreter for the R programming language. The result is an interactive app much like one you would make using the popular Shiny framework, but which can handle some very serious loading.

Want to harness the power of Google's computing infrastructure to build data-driven applications? We have the experience to build scalable applications from design to release.


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Alexander Bertram

Alexander Bertram
Technical Director

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