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The Java programming language is a general-purpose programming language traditionally used for enterprise-class software development, but nowadays it's also powering web applications and data-analysis pipelines.


The Java programming language has earned it's place in the enterprise as a leading language for software development. In fact, Java has even become the language of choice for today's internet behemoths by being the only language to provide the extreme performance and scalability required by these companies.

But at BeDataDriven, we also come across Java in an area which is close to our hearts, namely data analysis. Have a look at some of the Apache big data projects and you will find a lot of projects which are defining today's data analysis toolchain:

  • Apache Hadoop, the distributed computing platform and Apache Spark, the engine for large-scale data processing,
  • Apache HBase, the distributed column-store (i.e. database) for storing massive data on commodity hardware,
  • Apache Beam, the programming model for batch and streaming data processing,
  • Apache Jena, the framework for building semantic web and linked data applications in Java,
  • and many more...

Key features and benefits

  • Object-oriented, platform-independent and very secure. The most common
  • high-level programming language used in the cloud. Mature development tools
  • for coding, testing, deployment, and dependency management.
  • Availability of many libraries and systems for analysis of large data, in batch or streaming.

Java at BeDataDriven

Both ActivityInfo and Renjin are products written in the Java programming language. It is our language of choice for application development and our focus is mostly on developing products for the cloud (e.g. using the Google Cloud Platform). We therefore have extensive experience with Java and can help you build enterprise-grade tools for data analysis.


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