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At BeDataDriven we are great fans of the R programming language and we consider ourselves to be the biggest experts on the topic in the Netherlands.


The "R Project" is the open-source project which develops the R programming language and environment. It is a language and environment for interactive analysis and graphics. The R language is a mature and flexible programming language which has earned its respect in the field of statistics and academia, but is now also one of the most popular languages for applications in data science by professionals in a wide range of fields.

Key features and benefits

  • Interactive environment for quick and easy prototyping.
  • Mature language with powerful tools and extension packages to create production-quality software.
  • Open-source and cutting-edge extension package incorporating the latest algorithms from academic research.

R at BeDataDriven

We use R on a daily basis in our own work and for our clients; it is a core technology in which we have specialized ourselves.

To better serve our own needs and those of our clients, we have designed and built an alternative interpreter for the R programming language, called Renjin, which runs in the Java Virtual Machine.

We provide trainings to individuals and companies to improve their R programming skills and we pride ourselves in our ability to develop enterprise-quality software using R for clients in banking, insurance, and pharmaceutics.


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Maarten-Jan Kallen, Ph.D.

Maarten-Jan Kallen, Ph.D.
Managing Director

Telephone: +31 (0)6 13 50 99 77
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